Repeating Executions of Docker Containers of GCP Cloud Run for many values of runtime arguments

Suppose that I have a docker container that I can run as follows.

docker run --rm my_container_name:latest python --arg_str ${STR} --arg_int ${INT} --arg_json ${FILE_NAME}.json

arg_str, arg_int, arg_json are python’s args.

For each execution of GCP could runs, different values are set to these three args.

For each id of runs, I have the following schedules that I want to execute GCP cloud runs.

run_id arg_str arg_int arg_json datatime I wanna run.
0 string00 10 name00.json 2022/01/01-16:00
1 string01 20 name01.json 2022/01/01-16:10
2 string02 30 name02.json 2022/01/01-16:20

My questions are:

Q1: Is it possible to run with an arbitrary datetime schedules which are NOT periodically datatimes.

Q2: If the answer of Q1 is NO, is it possible to run docker container periodically with the above table of python argument’s values?

Q3: If the answer of Q1 (or Q2) is YES, how can I do it?


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