Reslant — Collect feedback, assist users, share updates with a forum

Hey everyone!

I’m Ryan, and I’m working on Reslant, easy to setup forums to collect and organize customer feedback. I built Reslant to solve a need that I always ran into while growing companies: how do I provide delightful customer service at scale.

With past projects, it was difficult to keep all my users on the same page. Juggling between maintaining mailing lists, setting up a blog, a public Trello board for our roadmap, etc. We wanted to create a single place that played well communicating 1 to many, and so Reslant was born!

With Reslant, you setup a forum under which you can create your discussion boards where users can submit posts and respond to those with comments. For example, at Reslant, we have a board called “Support” where our users can post questions they have and we answer with a comment. Future users with the same question can now find our previous response on our page, cutting down the load on our customer support team. You can check out all our boards over here at

Our discussion boards are feature rich. You can control who can view/submit content, appoint moderators, integrate your auth system, set custom tags, embed a widget in your site, and much much more. We have a generous free plan if you want to check us out! Thank you!

– Ryan



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