Retrogram — A daily word puzzle from the 1970s

Retrogram is a word game by me (@twolivesleft) and Courtney (@alittlecj)

As huge word nerds we wanted to share our love of word puzzles in a hobby project. We basically create a new puzzle by hand each day — edit the word list, research the most interesting words and the stories behind them, and publish it for you to play

The game is free to play (weekly) or paid (daily). We wanted a game with no ads, stylish aesthetic, and clever puzzles, so we made it

The goal? Nothing crazy. Just to earn enough to cover ongoing costs plus a little extra for the 30 minutes or so each day it takes to create a puzzle

It costs $0.99 / month for 30 daily puzzles, or $6.99 / year for 365 daily puzzles

– Simeon



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