Riya Collective — Get styled and rent for your next Indian wedding

Hi Product Hunt!

👋 My name is Arian and alongside my co-founder Sarina, we’re excited to share Riya Collective – the modern way to shop Indian designs.

What started as us wanting to solve our own personal pain point of accessing clothing for friend’s weddings, has grown into this desire to make purchasing beautiful South Asian clothing that you typically have to fly all the way to India for, easy and modern.

With Riya Collective you can now shop directly from designers with the most flexible renting option – our guaranteed buy back program.

Everything on Riya Collective is made to your size and sent directly to you.

Everything purchased on Riya Collective can be sold back through our platform to the next owner, or directly back to us. With our model you no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

If you want advice about what to wear, you’ll get personalized options based on your events and needs and 1:1 styling advice.

Riya Collective today serves as the most convenient option for anyone planning or attending a South Asian wedding, to get the modern attire perfect for each event. And, our vision is so much more than that. We’ve learned so much from our community of loyal customers of the ever growing need and desire for the South Asian Diaspora to access their culture through clothing.

Today, we are proud to launch our first phase with you which is bringing the clothing that you typically only find in India, straight to your door, made in your size. All of this with a convenient guaranteed buy back program so that you can wear what you love, and know you can return it to be worn by someone else.

Attending an Indian wedding?
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– Arian Agrawal



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