Russia’s First Hospital Based 5G Innovation Range to Come in Moscow

Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is going to get the country’s first hospital-based 5G innovation range. Botkin Hospital in Moscow will deploy Russia’s first industrial testing site with 5G infrastructure for testing breakthrough digital technologies in healthcare. Some of the promising projects that this 5G innovation range will see includes virtual reality (VR) simulators for training medical personnel, artificial reality (AR) solutions for helping doctors with very complex operations, and more. The crux of these trials will be that all of the solutions will be tested under the hospital environment using 5G technology and cloud solutions. The results of these trials will determine the use of 5G networks in Moscow and Russia’s healthcare in the future.

Moscow Centre for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare to Search, Select Testing of Medical Services

The cooperation agreement for the 5G project mentioned above has been signed by the Botkin City Hospital, the Moscow Department of Information Technologies (DIT), and the Moscow Centre for Innovative Technologies, along with Rostelecom, a Russian telecom operator.

All the parties mentioned above will contribute to the testing of prototypes and prototypes of solutions, services, and digital services on the basis of the range.

All the search, selection, and testing of medical services will be overseen by the Moscow Centre for Innovative Technologies. Rostelecom will be the 5G network provider. The telco will be responsible for creating the infrastructure with the necessary equipment and developing technical solutions. DIT will be facilitating all the stages of piloting the project.

The aim of the project is to come up with solutions that will enhance the healthcare services of Russia.

Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the DIT of Moscow, said that Moscow would create multiple 5G test sites so that several promising 5G solutions can be tested. The solutions that will be tested at the new hospital-based 5G innovation range will ensure that the prototypes are perfected and made safe for people and doctors.


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