SaaS Friends — A private & free community for SaaS founders over $20k MRR

Hey everyone 👋 SaaS Friends is a free-to-join private community exclusively for SaaS founders over $20k MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

It came to be organically, when I tweeted this out, asking if any other $20k MRR SaaS founders wanted to join a group DM on Twitter:…

That tweet took off, and within a few hours there were over 50 people in the group DM. That’s when we decided to move it to a dedicated community called SaaS Friends.

There are now over 100 SaaS founders in the community 🤓

How can I join?
You can join via the request form below the login section.

Can I join if I am not the founder of a SaaS with over $20k MRR?
Unfortunately not. This is to keep it focused on problems unique to SaaS founders with over $20k MRR.

– Davis Baer



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