Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Officially Confirmed Through Company’s Own Document

According to recent developments, Samsung has confirmed the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 lineup along with its all Wi-Fi/LTE/5G variants in an official document of the company itself. The document is visible on the order page for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. The device has been listed as a part of the Trade in Programme under which users can exchange their existing tablets for newer ones provided their device meets the conditions. The required conditions are have been compiled and made available in a form of a pdf file.

Details on the Device

In these files, the section where the list of discount offers for Trade in Programme are mentioned, one could find the list of all the devices of the Samsung Tab S8 line up which includes the Tab S8, the Tab S8+, and the Tab S8 Ultra. However, it is possible that the list has been uploaded by mistake by Samsung. There have been several instances where companies put up essential information erroneously and then delete it later. Moreover, the information provided in this document is not that surprising as most of the details about the device are leaked. Specification details have surfaced before and as it turns out are nearly accurate. But the fact that the list has been updated by the manufacturer itself makes the information a lot more significant.

As far as the specs of the device are considered, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a screen featuring an 11-inch TFT display, the Tab S8+ model will feature a 12.4-inch OLED display and the high-end model of the series Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will feature a giant 14.6-inch OLED display. It is highly expected that all three of the models under the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chipset and it is speculated that the devices will have a minimum of 128GB of storage onboard.

The previous rumours for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 have suggested that the device will come in Wi-Fi and 5G variants and will be available in Dark Gray and Silver colour options. It is also expected that the upcoming tablet series from Samsung may launch with Samsung’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Series of smartphones that are expected to be unveiled in February of next year.


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