Saturn — Decentralized WeTransfer without any limits

Users can upload multiple files, which will be zipped into an archive when downloading later.

Storage persist. It’s running on a blockchain where everything is public. We don’t encrypt the files you are uploading, so don’t share NDA-related files 🙂

If you connect with a web3 wallet, you can sign the transfer of a file with your decentralized identity. So, Saturn is a way to authenticate a file provenance!

We give our web3 users two choices when sending files:
1. They can send files to anyone. Anyone with the link will be able to download it.

2. They can lock files to specific users. When the link is shared, the recipient will have to sign in to their wallet, which is linked to an IDX account. That means that you can share this with anyone with wallets on any blockchain, making this platform blockchain agnostic.

Web3 users can also view their history, to look at previous files they have sent before.

– Mathis Grosjean



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