shiftscreen 4X — Turn your iPad into a desktop computer

Hey fellow iPad users👋,
do you also want second-screen/monitor support for your iPad?
Well with shiftscreen 4X you now get that.

There are several problems when wanting to work with your iPad and monitor:
– black bars on the monitor (because it has a different aspect ratio than the iPad)
– you always see the same on your iPad and monitor (no second screen) – the picture on the monitor is scaled up way too much (just looks awful and has a low resolution)

shiftscreen addresses all of them.
– With shifscreen you can open up to six individual windows on your monitor like with any desktop operating system.
– You can place shiftscreen in split-view so that you have a true second screen
– shiftscreen basically turns your iPad into a full desktop computer and will probably boost your productivity a lot!

– Yannik

– Yannik Schrade



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