Simplified Entrepreneurship E-Book — Simplifying the art of start-ups and building a value loop.

Hello Founders,

I am Goutham Bandaru, Maker of Founders’ Book – Yellow pages for first-time founders and early-stage startups.

Simplified Entrepreneurship is built to help founders like me who want to contribute to the creator, maker, internet economies but looking for a kickstart.

I have spent over 150 hours learning and understanding from my own experience, designing and curating the best tools and resources available on the web to take your first step towards building your company.

Our goal is to help first-time, Solo founders, Indie makers, or anyone who has an idea and plans to launch their startup to identify opportunities to grow, validate ideas, build an MVP, get early users, and scale your customer acquisition.

Please use the code “producthunt” to download for FREE.
Note: Valid for the first 50 downloads.

Thank you.

– Goutham Bandaru



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