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Hey all! 👋

Chris here from Unbounce.

If I look familiar, that’s because I launched this product a year ago as a side project called Snazzy AI. We quickly scaled up to tens of thousands of users and dozens of templates. Then Unbounce reached out with an offer and we jumped on it. Unbounce has over 10 years of conversion data across millions of campaigns and they know for a fact that it’s one of the biggest predictors of whether a customer will convert or not.

Together with Unbounce we reworked our humble project and we’re proud to release the what’s next.

You know your brand, we know conversions: let art and science meet with Smart Copy.

Say goodbye, adieu, or so-long to writers’ block. Smart Copy is the only AI copywriting assistant that writes, remixes and expands in a snap—personalized to meet your audience and brand needs.

Whether getting started, inspired or looking for help doing it all, Smart Copy is the partner you always wish you had and lets you achieve your content goals in seconds. Improve conversions, clarity or confidence through beautiful landing pages, ads, blog posts, product descriptions, and much much more.

Short form, long form, or just a bit of feedback, Smart Copy complements you to make high converting copywriting the easiest activity in your day.

✅ Get started for free

✅ No credit card needed

✅ Over 45+ use cases

✅ Supports 6 languages

✅ Free Google Chrome Extension

– Chris Frantz



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