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Hello friends 👋

My name is Marcelo, I am a software developer, and created for you, my fellow developers.

I am, probably just like you, a one-man shop 🤷, delighted to release this new product today.

I hope you find it useful. 🤞

I know, you’re just saying, “Great, another job board, just what the world needs”, right?
Does the world really need yet another job board?
Many will argue we don’t, but I disagree, and I hope you do too 😊 is a remote-only JavaScript-centric job board.
If you work or want to work with JavaScript, then is for you!

⚡ Today’s features ⚡

✅ JavaScript-centric, remote-only job board

✅ Technology highlighting.
Instead of spending 5 minutes reading a boring job description, skim thru a highlighted list of technologies and quickly see if the job is right for you.
I think I am the first one to do this, yay! 🎉

✅ Get daily/weekly/monthly emails with the best JavaScript jobs.

⚡ Future features I am working on right now ⚡

✅ More job sources.
A one-stop shop for all remote-only JavaScript-centric jobs out there.
More JavaScript-related jobs sourced from other boards and added by top companies.

✅ Find JavaScript-related jobs by company.

✅ List jobs by technology, React, Vue, Angular, etc.

✅ Personal software developer profile (LinkedIn-like) at
Highlight the technologies you love, your repos, contributions, articles, and everything that makes you unique as a software developer, and why not, show off a little bit 😊

⚡ Possible future features, if you want ⚡

✅ New stacks and technologies, if this is something of interest to you, like Python, Kotlin, R, Go and others. The choice will be yours.

✅ Want to have another feature not listed here? Please let me know 😊

I hope you like it, find value in it, and use it. 🤞

Many, many thanks!

Please comment here and get in touch! I love to make new friends 😊

If you wish to get in touch on Twitter, you can find me at

– Marcelo 👋

– Marcelo Pastorino



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