Speakezee Social Audio β€” Create and share voice stories that expire every 7 days

Hey PH community, that’s Gleb from the Speakezee team ✌🏻

Our team is pumped to share what we’ve been working on last few months:

Speakezee is an async social audio app where you can create and share 30-second voice clips that expire after 7 days! Pretty cool, huh?!

We built this app because we love voice and we believe it’s much more rewarding than any other means of communication (text, images, video). We’ve been in semi-stealth mode for a while and we’ve used this time to gather feedback from our early adopters and improve the experience.

Get Speakezee, share a story or talk with others in many threads like #facebookdown or #electricscooters! Our team would love to hear your feedback: share your experience using #appfeedback so we can quickly get in touch!

We are still very early in the product development so there are a lot of features that are currently in the works!

And hey, of course, there’s one more thing: do you like stickers? We sure do! To get free stickers delivered to your doorstep you need to complete 3 easy steps:

πŸ‘― invite at least 1 friend
πŸŽ™οΈ publish a story about the last movie or TV show that you enjoyed with #favmovie or #favtvshow
βœ”οΈ tag the friend you invited and someone from Speakezee team (gleb, vitalik, or dima)

We’ll reach out with the next steps on how to claim your free Speakezee sticker pack!

Let’s make some noise!

– Gleb Braverman



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