Stork: Voice & Video Messenger for Teams — Workspace & time machine for meetings. Play back all calls.

Hello Hunters 👋

We designed a productivity tool that meets all the needs of hybrid teams and launched a native MacOS client today.

The Problem 🤔

As the world settles into this new normal of having hybrid teams, many companies now have employees spanning different locations, countries and time zones. According to a recent study, over 53% of remote employees fear being left out of meetings, office banter and other activities taking place in the office.

This means that these employees are susceptible to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The difficulties arise since remote teams cannot participate in, draw from or contribute to workplace culture and spontaneous or water cooler conversations with colleagues and peers.

The Solution 🧠

We created Stork, a central communication point that addresses the innate human need to connect and build a meaningful working relationship. Stork is an online workspace that helps employees connect in a fun and meaningful way irrespective of distance and time zones.

With Stork, you get:

A screen recording tool for asynchronous presentations ⏺️

Your remote team can watch presentations at their convenience without any fear of missing out. A team member can record their presentation and avail it to the broad team or a select few. The colleagues can watch the presentation at their convenience and give appropriate comments and feedback. The recordings also have transcripts that enhance accessibility and may enable those who like multitasking to watch a presentation in sound-sensitive environments silently.

Easily send voice, video notes to the entire team or select individuals 🎤

Sometimes it is easier to send a voice or a video note than type out a message. Voice and video notes convey a message or concept more succinctly than would a text message. The Stork voice and video messaging feature also transcribes the note to provide a multimedia experience for the audience.

Time machine for meetings with colleagues in different time zones 🚀 🕛

If your distributed team is in multiple time zones, they can have asynchronous conversations in a channel or DM. Records for channel meetings or DMs are stored pending responses or for future reference. All conversations in a given channel are available to all persons in a channel.

Here is How You Get Access 🟢

You can create a free Stork account for your workplace by visiting We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know what you think of our product and ask any questions in the comment section.

Follow Stork and stay tuned for Windows, Web, iOS and Android apps later this year.

– Michael Choupak



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