Swifty Compiler β€” Write and run Swift code easily and professionally

With Swifty Compiler, you can easily write and run Swift code on the go!

Enjoy 90% discount on lifetime premium for a limited time 🀩πŸ₯³, so please let me know what you think!

Free Features:
β€’ Credits limit: 10 credits per day
β€’ Open Swift file from Files App
β€’ Code Snapshot (PNG, JPEG and PDF)
β€’ Share Swift file or text directly to app
β€’ Error highlighting
β€’ Auto indentation
β€’ Suggest completions
β€’ Auto closing
β€’ Line highlight
β€’ Cursor position
β€’ Invisibles
β€’ Snippets
β€’ Extra keyboard buttons
β€’ Custom font size
β€’ Comment selection
β€’ Keyboard shortcuts
β€’ Support multitasking on iPad
β€’ Support dark / light mode
β€’ No Ads

Premium Features:
β€’ Credits limit: 500 credits per day
β€’ Share as Swift File
β€’ Save as Swift file to Files app (iCloud or local drive)
β€’ Auto save last input
β€’ Unlimited Undo / Redo
β€’ Re-Indent
β€’ OCR
β€’ Create / Edit custom snippets
β€’ Create / Edit custom keyboard buttons
β€’ No watermark on code snapshot

*1 Credit = 1 Code Execution

– Hassan Taleb



Archive of Sieberrsec CTF 3.0

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