TadaBot — Check box to-do lists for Slack

Hey PH community!

I’ve been developing custom apps for clients as an agency for many years. BUT I’ve always wanted to make my own product.🤓

It’s scary to make a big product because it’s scary to fail. So I decided that I would make a tiny product. IF it fails, then it is a tiny failure and it’s not so scary.😎

I use Slack every day and use to-do lists ☑️. So I decided to make to-do lists for Slack. Even though slack limits app developers quite severely, I managed to implement traditional to-dos with strikethrough there.

It would be cool if the PH community checks this bot. I am sure it will be useful for someone! And it will be even cooler if you share your thoughts on this product and I develop the idea further.

Thank you!

– Eduard Khorkov



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