TalkingDeck — Turn Google Slides decks into narrated and animated video

Hey Everyone,

Really excited to share TalkingDeck with all of you today and get your feedback!

TalkingDeck is a Google Slides add-on that helps you create narrated and animated instructional videos out of your presentation decks in a single mouse click.

If you regularly create instructional video content, you are familiar with the hurdles you need to overcome in the process.

With TalkingDeck, there is no need for narration recording, video synchronization or subtitles editing. Everything is done automatically.

When you add narration text to the slide speaker notes, TalkingDeck will:

1. Turn the narration text into narration sound in one of the 25 available languages
2. Generate the perfectly synced video. Optionally you can add one of the 12 animated characters to make it even more engaging
3. Add subtitles so your users can follow along

In addition you have full control over narration timing and character appearance. With few simple commands you can add pauses in the narration and control the size and the posture of your character.

Your end result will look as the video in the product description above and you will have it in minutes without any additional tools.

To give it a spin just click here:…

and follow simple instructions.

You can visit our detailed tutorials here:…

Make sure to follow us on:

and LinkedIn:…

for all the latest features and updates.

It would mean the world if you could help us spread the word. And we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

Thanks a lot!

– Rade Mačković



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