Tata Communications Introduces New Ethernet Service for Enterprises

Tata Communications has just launched the new Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) on Ethernet network services. This service has been launched for various sectors such as IT/ITeS, e-commerce, BFSI and the Media. This new Tata Communications feature will let enterprises to self-provision additional bandwidth capacity with the new pay-as-you-go model and address the temporary bandwidth requirements via a self-service customer portal, stated the company in a statement. This feature will let Tata Communications power enterprises and let them move closer to meeting their digital-first goals.

Tata Communications Pay-As-You-Go Feature

With the BoD feature, Tata Communications will help its customers manage scalable and resilient data centre connectivity dynamically. As per a report by ET Telecom, the pay-as-you-go network feature offered by Tata Communications will let enterprises that are increasingly facing fluctuating short-term bandwidth needs manage the performance of their applications.

It will give the control at the hands of the customers, and they can adjust their bandwidth dynamically in near real-time. Also, this feature will offer customers increased agility and flexibility, stated Kapil Kumar Jain, Vice President, Core and Next Gen Connectivity Services, Tata Communications.

High-Speed Broadband Internet Use Cases for Enterprises

High-speed broadband is more important right now than ever before as there is increased data requirement. Especially, smoother and faster internet helps businesses function efficiently. Enterprises need an internet connection that supports numerous devices and users simultaneously. Naturally, there are more people accessing the connection translating into more bandwidth requirements and improved speed.

Also, high-speed broadband connectivity for enterprises saves a lot of time as time is money. A slow internet connection will take up a lot of time, thereby hampering the productivity of the business. Moreover, high-speed internet will ensure that businesses can work with their suppliers, partners and clients across different locations. A better internet connection provides improved access to various shared platforms, swift file sharing and prompt information transfer. It will make it easy for employees as well as customers to collaborate as well as communicate more efficiently, thereby increasing the revenue.

The other benefits of high-speed broadband for businesses include a reliable connection, improved signal strength, automatic data backup as well as recovery, 24/7 services and much more.


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