Tempso App — Rediscover classical music

Rediscover classical music with tempso! It is now now available for download on the Apple Store & Google Play Store for free!

Tempso features more than 200 composers, 30,000 compositions, 1 million tracks, and thousands of performers for free, with a Spotify Premium Account!

You can compare recordings of the same compositions; browse through performers’ discographies and composers’ catalogs. All of this is possible through a nicely organised catalog with rich classical music data (composers’ eras; performers’ instruments; compositions genres & number; labels…).

If like many of you, you like classical music but “don’t know where to start”, you can start exploring the catalog with playlists and radios.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

While you can browse tempso’s catalogues without creating an account, you will need to connect tempso to your Spotify Premium account to listen to the music.

– Pierre Pariente



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