Terrace — Build membership sites and online courses with Notion

Hey Product Hunt 👋

Kyuil and I have been working on Terrace for the past couple months and we’re very excited to finally share it with everyone.

Terrace is a Site Builder that makes it super easy to create Membership Sites and Online Courses from just your Notion docs.

👷 The Problem:
– Notion is great for building a content library—whether it’s a knowledge base or an online course. But sharing access with a restricted group is difficult. And sometimes, building a new site in Squarespace, Teachable, etc may be overkill
– We want to enable you to take advantage of Notion’s flexibility as a CMS + editor and lower the barrier to building a simple membership based site

🛠️ The Solution:
– Terrace saves you time by generating a full login protected site using your Notion content in minutes (no code required)

With Terrace you can:
– Create a site that automatically syncs with your Notion docs
– White-label your site with a custom domain
– Require login/invite to access certain pages
– Host unlimited members
– Create Multi-tier Membership Plans (we use Stripe)
– Style your site with our prebuilt templates or custom code
– Automatically generate Course Navigation UI

Take a look at some of our templates to see what’s possible with Terrace:

Thanks for checking out Terrace! We would love to hear what you think.

– Brian Tong



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