test with firebase database throwing error

I’m using firebase in my project and i’m testing all the functionalities which includes firebase components and i recently tried to test firebase database but it is throwing an error which i could not understand if someone could help , i would appreciate it , Thank you

  • This is my testing code
    fun testCaseSendMessage(){
        val databaseMock = mock(
        ServiceLocator.reference = databaseMock

  • This is my real code
    val messageMap = hashMapOf<String,Any>()
        messageMap["userName"] = userName
        messageMap["userMessage"] = message
        messageMap["userPic"] = userPic
        messageMap["messageTiming"] = Calendar.getInstance().timeInMillis.toString()
        messageMap["chatImage"] = downloadUrl
        messageMap["uid"] = firebaseAuth.currentUser!!.uid



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