The Battle of Mars — A player vs player NFT game

When our friends (ex-Pixar) reached out to build an NFT collection around Mars and the Martians, we had to say YES!

So we released 10,000 Martians, all unique, all in 3D, ready for the Metaverse. I believe there are still a few available to mint at…

🤑 We hid 5 golden Martians worth each 10 ETH (still 2 Golden to be found)
👽 All Martians come as Profile pictures but also full GLB 3D files
👾 Last but not least, we built a play-to-earn PvP game where you can put your Martian (and your crypto knowledge) to work for you and win another Martian => This is what we wanted to launch today in exclusivity on Product Hunt!

If you own a Martian, you can challenge another Martian from a different crypto-faction. 
The cryptocurrency that will grow the most (percentage wise) in the next 24 hours will give its Martian the victory.

1) Martian #345 (DOGE) challenges Martian #6194 (BTC)
2) Martian #6194 accepts on December 12, 2021 at 4:23 pm UTC
3) After 24h, DOGE went down by 12.3% while BTC went down by 7.3%.

BTC grew the most Martian #6194 (BTC) is therefore the winner. The winner takes the NFT of the loser away. In the above example, the owner of Martian #6194 will receive the NFT Martian #345.

Hope you’ll like 🎉

– Mario MG



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