The PLG Index — The companies that are blazing the path for all B2B software


We are excited to launch our PLG Index with you. I hope you will support and help us highlight the best companies in the Product Led Growth space.

The PLG Index is the top private B2B software companies based on:

Offering a freemium or trial product
-Allowing a user to start using the product, friction-free from a paywall or interaction
Offering transparent pricing
-At least one of their pricing stages gave a price, even if the enterprise edition might say something like, contact sales.

We then cut these companies by:

-Crunchbase or Pitchbook as our systems of record
Success score
-A way to look at their recent momentum with some secret sauce in it

We have added categories for each company, along with a categories page. On any company page, you can see the employee breakdown of the company, specifically how many people work in Sales, Marketing, and Engineering. We are specifically focused on the ratio of engineers to sales and marketing, we think this multiple over time could be a telling way to see how operationally efficient a company is and how much the product truly sits at the center of the go-to-market motion.

If you don’t see a company that you think fits this criteria, please add it in the form at the bottom of the page.

This is the PLG Index: a list of 300+ companies that will blaze the path for all future software companies. To the pioneers of this list, we are excited for what the future holds for you, your work inspires us at Variance, and we are looking to build tools for you and the companies that will come after you. If you aren’t on this list, have no fear, we will continue to keep it updated and work tirelessly to promote and build on this list as much as possible.

We are looking forward to building a PLG future with you.

– James Gross



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