The REAL difference between 5gz or 2.4gz WiFi

This post comes from some interesting tweets I saw, and really speaks to how difficult it can be to get the right amount of “correctness” when you seek to find out about how technology works.

Maybe you know the answer posed in the title, maybe you think you know, maybe you were afraid to ask. Lucky for you, @bnb
came asking.

Several folks popped in with answers…

We have consensus, right?

Basic Internet research would back this up…

Case closed… Except.

That’s a whole different story. But the whole Internet is telling me about “shorter range” at 5GHz.

I don’t want to leave anyone here with an absolute conclusion, as I don’t want to take anyone here “at face value”.

If anyone wants to go deeper in the comments in the comments with some absolute facts on the issue, I very much welcome them.


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