Threat Modeling Newsletter — Bi-weekly newsletter for all good about threat modeling

I browse for threat modelling content on a daily basis. I use the knowledge to feed my research for creating new security concepts and to keep my awareness up-to-date.

I decided to share them with you in the form of a newsletter.

– I use trusted sources for news, job offers, newly discovered threats, company updates and interesting articles.
– I try to stay vendor independent.
– Your privacy is my focus. I will not sell nor give your data to any 3rd party.
– I don’t sent spam messages and try to use as less as tracking as possible.
– If you are touching the Software Development process – this newsletter is for you.
– There is something for Developers, DevOps, UX, Security champions, Architects, CEO, CTO, … and for you.


– Bogomil Shopov – Bogo



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