Tourin — Experience live music, even if you weren’t at the show.

**My love letter to music**

I’ve always been amazed by musicians, and their ability to bring people together through their passions, and inspirations, and ultimately through live shows. I’ve always been in awe, and quite jealous that I was not able to do this myself.

Unlike sports, where afterwards, one half of those in attendance will always walk away disappointed, angered, saddened, etc., music brings everyone together. Women, men, black, white, asian, young, old, conservative, liberal; the only thing that matters is that we love the music itself.

Even before COVID changed our lives so foundationally, I wanted to build Tourin’. There have been so many shows that I wished I could have gone to over the years, and always wondered if there was a way to recreate this experience.

While nothing is quite like being at a live show, I am hopeful this is damn close.

– Jeff Doan



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