Truffle — Uses past Slack threads to help answer repeated questions

👋 Hey Product Hunters!

My name is Alex and I am super excited to share Truffle with you today!

Truffle aims to solve a pain point that many of us who live our lives on Slack have experienced before: many questions are asked that could have been answered by performing a search.

Working at a large company I saw this pain point come up time and again, and so I built Truffle, a Slack app that automatically searches for relevant information to help answer questions! Truffle saves you and your team time by automating the process of searching by providing useful, in-context information, right when someone needs it.

Truffle can help:

💁‍♂️ Customer Success Managers who support multiple stakeholders
👩‍💻 IT departments
✨ Engineers onboarding new hires
🧑‍💼 Product managers who support sales

Really, anyone who has a zillion questions to answer on a daily basis!

Truffle works by securely indexing conversation threads automatically in Slack, adding them to its knowledge base. When someone asks a question in a Slack channel that Truffle belongs to, Truffle automatically searches for relevant content, quietly popping up with the related information it finds.

Truffle is available now on the Slack App Directory, or visit the website to start your free 30-day unlimited trial! Also, Product Hunt users get 20% off the price of their plan!

Thanks so much for checking out Truffle and I really look forward to hearing your feedback!

– Alex Freas



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