Try What’s Good — A review site, without the reviews

Hi, friends!

Last year we released the Habit Stick, so we wanted to do something fun this year as well. A few thoughts behind this one:

1) Most people don’t read online reviews in full. We’re usually just interested in the bottom line — is it good, or not?
2) Some online reviews are affected by commissions/affiliate deals. I wanted something nice and clean that doesn’t have any of that.
3) We don’t always need “the best”. We may think we do, but honestly, simply having something “good” is almost always enough. Besides, who’s to say what’s “the best” for me?
4) There are many good things in life we can enjoy without having to buy. We can’t own a sunset — but it’s still good and worth appreciating. Same for marsupials (marsupials rock).

And with that, I give you 🙂 Thank you for reading, and enjoy! If you have additions to the list, email with suggestions. Doesn’t have to be a commercial product!

– Erez Zukerman



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