TuneRelease — Empowering musicians to pitch their latest releases

Hi everyone, I founded TuneRelease to help streamline music promotion after doing hundreds of campaigns manually and sending thousands of email pitches in the process.

A tool specific to the industry is really needed to replace having to upload files to a cloud storage provider, create a press release on a shareable document, build a list of contacts to email, draft personalised emails to each one & then manually transcribe reports on who was pitched & their responses onto a spreadsheet.

The platform provides song pages to replace the need for an electronic press kit, including all contextual information, images, audio files & metadata for royalties, reducing the links you have to send to just one.

It also enables a user to automatically draft a personalised editable email that tracks the engagement on page views, streams and downloads through a unique URL specific to the person you are sending the pitch to. It also allows users to export all the data they collect on a release in a CSV file, which is handy for those managing multiple clients or campaigns.

It provides a contacts manager filterable by medium (playlist, publication, radio) & genre (rock, pop, indie) to ensure the user can continue to build their directory and relationships with the tastemakers.

Instead of paying to pitch, TuneRelease lets you build your own list of tastemakers, ensuring you can pitch them as often as you like.

The aim is to make music promotion more accessible, efficient and transparent.

– Luke Rynne Cullen



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