Twist 2.0 — For teams burnt out by real-time chat, work async, not ASAP

Hi Product Hunters!

When we first launched Twist in 2017, no one was talking about asynchronous communication. We built the app because — as a fully remote team spread across 20+ countries — the chaos of real-time messaging had completely burned us out.

This year, asynchronous communication has been covered everywhere from the BBC to the Harvard Business Review to The Wall Street Journal. Async work is slowly but surely becoming mainstream as companies wake up to the mentally and emotionally draining consequences of always-on work culture. So we spent the early months of the pandemic reimaging Twist to help teams meet that challenge head-on.

In the rebuilt Twist, you’ll find:

• A new inbox that makes it easy to skim through threads to see what needs your attention, and what can wait for later. Once you enter a thread, you can focus entirely on one topic at a time without getting distracted by other discussions.
• Your inbox (still) only shows the threads you’ve been tagged in, making it easy to catch up after unplugging. Now, you can mark those threads done and reach Inbox Zero (preview testers’ favorite).
• The redesign is focused and productive so that collaboration doesn’t get in the way of your creation time. The app is now keyboard-first so you can be faster in your workflows. We’ve made sync much quicker, so you never have to wait.
• In revamped Twist, we optimize for transparency. Open-by-default means that you can loop people in to make better decisions with the right context. We link content together by creating bi-directional links between threads, the first messaging app to do this.
• Most importantly: Twist will always optimize for trust over tracking, deep work over performative presence. Unlike our competitors, you won’t find any “I’m online” indicators, “someone is typing” dots, or read receipts. 🚫

We built Twist for the companies that trust their people to know where and *when* they work best. For the teams that talk less and do more. For the creators who focus hard and then disconnect to recharge.

Will you be one of the teams that ride the async wave into a much better future of work? Give Twist a try — we’re convinced your team will thank you for it. Then let us know what you think!

— Amir, Doist CEO

– Amir Salihefendic



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