Twitter Content Manager — A must-have Notion tool for twitter creators.

Hi Product Hunt!

I’m super excited to share Twitter Content Manager with you, a Notion tool to help you keep all your twitter content on track.

As I’ve started this creator journey, I’ve struggled with being consistent in creating, learning and posting. I felt overwhelmed at the amount of things I was trying to do at the same time.

So one day I decided to create a one week challenge for myself, where I needed to post 5 tweets a day, create threads, visual tweets, post memes and so on. In that week only, I almost doubled my followers and better than that, I stayed consistent and learned so many new things at a faster pace.

Since that week I’ve been improving this tool that helped me through that challenge, so that other people can use it as well. I’ve sinced improved praticality so much, and even built an analytics sort of page.

If you’re a creator you might relate to this, please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

– heyiamcarvalho



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