Type mismatch. Required: Nothing Found: DrawerAdapter.ViewHolder

abstract class DrawerItem {
private var isChecked = false

abstract fun createViewHolder(parent: ViewGroup): T

abstract fun bindViewHolder(holder: T)

fun setChecked(isChecked: Boolean): DrawerItem<T> {
    this.isChecked = isChecked
    return this


class DrawerAdapter(private var items: MutableList<DrawerItem<*>>) : RecyclerView.Adapter<DrawerAdapter.ViewHolder>() {

override fun onBindViewHolder(holder: ViewHolder, position: Int) {
items[position].bindViewHolder(holder) // -> Type mismatch. Required: Nothing Found: DrawerAdapter.ViewHolde

abstract class ViewHolder(itemView: View) : RecyclerView.ViewHolder(itemView), View.OnClickListener {
lateinit var drawerAdapter: DrawerAdapter

    override fun onClick(p0: View?) {



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