Use third party library meets error "No rule to make target"

I am trying to use third party library gflags from github, by following the instruction provided by official , after doing the steps and the satic libraries would be installed in the directory /usr/local/lib and those needed header files would be /usr/local/include/

After all, by writing find_package(gflags REQUIRED) in CmakeLists.txt and I get to use everything realted to gflags.

However, If I run cmake . and make to generate staic libraried(libgflags.a, libgflags_nothreads.a ) in gflags/lib and needed header files are placed in gflags/include.

Finally, rewrite some of content in CMakeList.txt as shown below :

add_executable(classification main.cpp)

target_link_libraries( classification

                        PUBLIC ${CMKAE_CURRNET_SOURCE_DIR}/gflags/include/gflags
                        PUBLIC ${OpenCV_INCLUDE_DIRS}
                        PUBLIC ${InferenceEngine_INCLUDE_DIRS}

And the error occurs when building executable file :

*** No rule to make target 'gflags/lib/gflags_nothreads', needed by 'classification'.  Stop.

I think the only difference between what I did and officil doc is make install , I would like to know why make install is needed to get everything working ?

What if I still want to everything this locally (without make install) ,what should I to ?


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