Uxcel 2.0 — Where design careers are built

Hello PH Makers & Hunters,

It’s great to be back and to share with you a whole new version of Uxcel. Our vision from day one has been to empower designers around the world to level up their skills with the best design learning software available at an affordable price. Since we debuted here, there have been a lot of changes, but the most notable has been the introduction of more UX/UI design learning courses. In the last year, we’ve grown from just 1 to 13 courses!

Part of our strategy for course creation has been to partner with other exciting design tools and platforms, most notably Balsamiq, Spline, and Coolors (coming soon).

Here’s what you can expect from Uxcel 2.0:

– 13+ design learning courses covering a wide range of subjects and skills, including 3 free courses!
– UX/UI design skill tests that give you valuable insights and benchmarks across the Uxcel community
– Challenges that offer exciting and contextual design lessons
– Huge updates to the Uxcel Arcade — it’s now even easier to train your designer eye
– Gamification is still the core of Uxcel’s learning platform, making it easier to learn and retain information

We’re humbled to be here and are absolutely looking to hear what you think of Uxcel 2.0 and, of course, to understand how we can grow and improve.

✨ Note that we’re offering all Product Hunters our Pro version at 50% off FOR LIFE! The offer will be available until Monday, September 27.

– Colin Pace



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