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Hi Product Hunt!

I’m the developer of VectorStyler.

VectorStyler is a vector graphics, illustration and drawing software with a complete (and competitive) set of features. It provides all the drawing and editing tools expected from a advanced illustration software while also introducing numerous new and interesting features to improve the workflow for designers and illustrators.

Today illustrators, designers and artists using vector graphics software, have to choose between expensive subscriptions or underwhelming minimalistic products, neither of these providing true forward looking innovations in tools or workflow. VectorStyler solves this, by providing all the tools and editing capabilities present in todays advanced illustration software, with a single payment traditional software licensing model, while also adding a large number of new features and options to customize and improve the designers and illustrators workflow.

VectorStyler is a native app available for MacOS (both Intel and M1) and Windows.

Some interesting features:

– import native AI files (not just PDF), with all high level object and layer options remaining editable, retaining swatches, vector brushes, tiling patterns.
– shape builder tool to create complex shapes.
– real vector brushes: the content of the brushes are and remain true vector objects.
– trim and join tool to merge shapes.
– variable width strokes and interactive tool to adjust local stroke widths.
– object blend and contour effects.
– over 100 nondestructive image effects applied on vector objects with vectors remaining editable.
– color effects to adjust color of selected objects.
– large collection of live shape distortion vector effects.
– rotated guidelines, grids and rotating the document view.
– collision snapping for precise object positioning.
– elastic warp distortion.
– mesh and envelope distortion.
– offset path both dynamic live, and destructive modes.
– advanced typography with multi line paragraph composer, and balancing text in frames with multiple columns.
– support for Japanese typography.

The trial can be used for 42 days with all features available. It is available on the Mac App Store, or a license (suitable for both Mac and Windows) can be purchased using Paddle.

I would love to hear your feedback.

– Csaba Raduly-Baka



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