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Hi Hunters! 👋

Coming from the game development industry, I wanted to build a Visual Programming (something similar to Unreal Engine Blueprints) app for general purpose development that would augment my team’s workflow the same way it does augment mine during game development.

So we created Verse. It provides developers with the ability to use the full range of the language concepts and functions using a graph-based interface used to represent logic and functionalities. It is designed for a general approach, meaning it does not suffer from any bias and can be used for any type of use case.

Verse can run your code or compile to a fully usable code file.

It is currently at the MVP stage, and we’re preparing for our beta release. For the next two months we will be working on getting features we deem essential for the beta ready. It currently supports Python and we are getting debugging, custom nodes, and external libraries support ready as part of these essential features.

The long term idea is to make Verse a fully integrated development environment for visual programming. The app’s strength resides in the capabilities of creating libraries that can turn hundreds of lines in one graph node, while not being limited and be able to call any functions from any of your favorite library or framework.

Subscribing to our beta means getting a lifetime discount for any of our paid plan, but also means having the chance to help us orient Verse early. We need your help defining what are the priorities for the app in terms of functionalities but also in terms of user experience.

Would love your feedback and please let us know if you have questions!

– Julien Hora



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