Video Collections — For kids who like to watch same videos over and over again

Video Collections gives FREE and CONTROLLED access to safe, fun, and age appropriate videos for younger guys. Now you can have peace of mind when letting someone browse videos. This app is designed to provide a safe viewing experience. There is a built-in Parent Control feature for you to manage what your juniors have access to.

Video Collections is a free and safe video collections app that entertains and educates guys of all age groups with popular shows, movies, music, rhymes, stories, cartoons, vlogs, DIY, activity guides, and more. Video Collections has ZERO ADS! It makes it super easy and accessible to find videos that you like most of all. Watch your favourite movies & TV shows, Gaming videos, learning and educational videos in one click.

Just copy an URL of the required video channel or a single video, paste it into the designated field and press the ‘Add’ button. The Video Collections app will add the whole channel with some of its most popular videos.

If you are a parent, you can add such channels as Fun Teaching Tricks and Songs that you can sing to youngsters, Yummy Recipes that you can cook for them, examples of games that you can play with them, make Lego creations together.

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