Vodafone Idea Netflix Offer That You Should Know About

If you have been wondering about getting a Netflix subscription on top of your monthly mobile, electricity, or other utility bills and spends, you might be discouraged because Netflix isn’t cheap. However, if you are a monthly postpaid plan subscriber, there’s one way where Vodafone Idea can give you Netflix without any additional costs. Vodafone Idea Netflix offer is applicable for all the users who purchase the REDX plans from the company. The REDX plans are the premium postpaid plans of the company, and they come with much more than just Netflix. Here’s everything you should know about this.

Vodafone Idea Users Can Get Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and More

Vi users going for the REDX plans are eligible to get multiple over-the-top (OTT) benefits. There are three REDX plans available – Rs 1099, Rs 1699, and Rs 2299. All three plans offer users a free subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Vi Movies & TV.

All the plans also offer unlimited voice calling, airport lounge access, an international roaming pack, and premier service from the telco through the Virtual Relationship Manager. The Rs 1099 plan comes with service only for one member.

However, the Rs 1699 and Rs 2299 plans come with service for 3 and 5 members, respectively. The international roaming pack offered by either of the REDX plans is worth Rs 2999 and is applicable for seven days every year.

Note that the Rs 1099 REDX plan only offers 100 SMS per month. However, the Rs 1699 and Rs 2299 plans offer 3000 SMS every month. The telco offers truly unlimited data to the users with these plans. This means that there are no data caps on how much a user can consume in a day, week, or month.

For family REDX plans, users will get a single bill for all five people consuming services from the company. There won’t be any hassle of paying multiple bills for multiple people in a house. Users will even get the option of getting matching mobile numbers for their family members to ensure that they never forget it.

Both the Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar subscription offered to the users comes with a validity of 1 year. Further, the company offers VIP access to the Vi Movies & TV application. This will allow users to stream live sports, play content from different OTT applications, and more right on the Vi mobile app.

These are all the plans of the telco that provide free Netflix subscriptions to the users.


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