Welcome 2.0 — Discover the best places from your favorite people

The vision for Welcome started with a frustrating travel experience. I was abroad, excited to immerse myself in the best of every city, but I found myself constantly stuck in my phone trying to figure out where to go next. The results were often based on advertising and never unlocked the local, authentic places that I was searching for on the go.

Following the launch of our first version in 2019, we took the last year to completely reimagine and rebuild Welcome.

What is Welcome today?

Welcome’s real-time recommendations are based on your interests and the people you trust. It’s a data-backed decision machine with the heart of your most well-traveled friend. It wipes out the fluff so you can instantly find local hidden gems that align with your values.

From what to eat to what to do and where to play, Welcome 2.0 is your personal concierge.
・Follow your friends and see what they love.
・See recommendations from experts & publications.
・Access Real Time to find the right place at the right time.
・Curate city lists that make it easy to share all your favorites.
・Browse immersive videos that take you inside a spot before you arrive.

We’re so grateful to our dedicated users who have been a part of our community from the start and for every user who has worked with our team throughout the past year as we built this new version.

We can’t wait for you to check it out by downloading it from the App Store today.

– Matthew Rosenberg



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