WhatsApp and Its Importance Cannot Be Ignored

WhatsApp is arguably the biggest texting platform in the world. With multiple billion downloads, the Facebook-owned application has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Whether it is taking to a sick relative, wishing happy birthdays, or communicating for officer work, WhatsApp allows people to do everything. Many people leverage the application daily to communicate with most of the people they know. This makes WhatsApp one of the most integral applications on any smartphone. But this is what happened yesterday, and it must have hurt a lot of people.

WhatsApp Was Down Yesterday Which Hurt People’s Communication

Not just WhatsApp, but many other applications, including Facebook and Instagram, were down. It was a DNS issue as per Cloudflare. This meant billions of users who log into these applications on a daily couldn’t for a few hours.

Disruption in communication was a big deal for many who rely on these applications, especially WhatsApp, to talk with others. The downtime of WhatsApp revealed on Twitter how desperate people are towards the application.

While there are other applications such as Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp enjoys special attention from internet users around the globe because of its brand and early mover advantage as well.

In the coming years, the dependence of people on WhatsApp is going to increase further. The social media platform keeps on introducing new features to retain the attention of its customers. Hopefully, there’s no other incident like this in the future. Not being able to communicate with other people must take its toll on the users as it can lead to anxiety and stress. This just proves just how important an application like WhatsApp is for the globe. Further, it also shows the power that Facebook commands with applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram under its belt. All of the applications are now back and running in full flow. The DNS issue should not return anytime soon.


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