WhatsApp Should Bring These 3 Features in 2022

World’s one of the leading social media messaging platforms WhatsApp has been always on its toes to roll out new updates carrying features that enhance the overall experience of the users. 2021 marked a lot of new updates that were brought on to the platform including the likes of multi-device support and auto-disappearing messages. But still, there are a number of features that users of the application have been waiting for. WhatsApp is also still behind its competitor app Telegram when it comes to the number of features the latter has to offer. As a new year is on the horizon, here are the three features that WhatsApp could bring to the app to better the user experience.

More Linked Devices

The multi-device support feature which was rolled out on the platform this year currently allows users to use the application on up to four devices other than their primary smartphone. However, in this day and age of multi-screens, people use a lot of different devices for different purposes and access to the application on only four devices can sometimes be quite restraining. Rolling out this feature might not be of the most urgency to WhatsApp but will surely benefit a lot of users of the application who use multiple desktops and laptops.

Theme Support for WhatsApp Chats

The current version of WhatsApp allows some customizations on the chats. Users can choose between light and dark themes and even select chat wallpapers as per their lacking. However, the social media messaging platform still doesn’t offer any dedicated theme options as one could find on either Telegram or Instagram DMs. The introduction of this feature would definitely create a more immersive and engaging experience for the users with the option to customize chats.

Removal of WhatsApp Pay Icon

WhatsApp Pay is an UPI payment option offered by WhatsApp within the application which works just like Google Pay or Paytm. The feature is quite beneficial for the users who want to use the app for making quick payments without getting into the hassle of scrolling through the complicated features of other payment applications.

However, the icon for WhatsApp pay represented by the rupee symbol is available just next to the “Type your message here” and the design seems to be an attempt to persuade users to use WhatsApp Pay feature. There are users who do not indulge in using WhatsApp Pay and can be a very annoying feature for them while using the application. The symbol has also replaced the ‘attached’ symbol which had existed on the app forever and the interface would become quite simpler if the WhatsApp pay symbol was put inside the attach options where it was originally found.


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