WHMCS Alternative – How to Get a FREE Clientexec License

As some of you may know, WHMCS earlier this year changed their pricing structure pretty significantly. Previously, WHMCS customers could obtain a license with unlimited clients for $39/Month, and now their pricing structure has changed to a tiered model whereby you are billed based on the number of customers you have in your system:

$18.95/Month for 250 Active Customers
$29.95/Month for 500 Active Customers
$44.95/Month for 1,000 Active Customers

and so on…

Resellers and hosting providers have determined that the pricing of WHMCS can be quite absurd – the uncertainty can certainly raise a lot of doubt when it comes to business planning. A lot of people enjoy flat-rate pricing and peace of mind, and so they’re naturally seeking WHMCS alternatives. Not to mention, the fact that WHMCS got acquired by WebPros – which generally speaking means that the interest of investors is prioritized, rather than the community. 

Clientexec is considered one of the top WHMCS alternatives, with active management and an active community base. Clientexec has been in development since 2003 and is one of the most established web hosting customer relationship management software still in existence and active development today.

When you compare Clientexec and WHMCS pricing side by side, here is what you’re looking at (notice how Clientexec’s pricing stays the same at every tier, even when you have an unlimited number of customers!)

ClientExec vs WHMCS

Talk about a huge savings. From what we’ve been able to see, the features between WHMCS vs. Clientexec are quite comparable, and the features that hosting providers would actually use, are most likely already implemented in Clientexec today. In addition, the Clientexec team is actively implementing additional improvements to enhance the feature sets of their software, ensuring it continues to meet the needs of business owners.

Want to get a FREE Clientexec license? Community provider, RackNerd, has shared a post on LowEndTalk offering FREE Clientexec licenses to all of their active customers. All you have to do is comment on the thread with your RackNerd order number or invoice number in order to receive your free Clientexec license. Visit the LowEndTalk thread here:

If you are not yet a RackNerd customer, take a look at their latest LowEndBox offer here which would technically make you eligible to receive a free Clientexec license.


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