Will this Minecraft minelayer / prismarines bot work?

I know that my title is very helpful but I think you can be helpful by helping me find a better one. Also if you could try to help with this code? I use to be a pro but I haven’t used this language in a while.

const ChatMessage = require('prismarine-chat')('1.16')

var options = {
  host: '',
  //port: 19132,// (must be an integer),
  username: 'NotchBot',

var bot = mineflayer.createBot(options);

bot.on('spawn', () => { console.log("- Spawned -")
  console.log("- Listening for messages -")
  for (const player of Object.values(bot.players)) {
    console.log("- Player " + player.displayName + " connected -")

const msg = new ChatMessage({"text":"If you can see this then this works!"})

console.log(msg.toString()) // Example chat message


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