Work Schedule App — Easy and secure scheduling of staff

Hello everyone!

I’m Kate, and I’m happy to share a solution to help you easily and quickly set a work schedule for your company along with the individual working hours of team members for better management and workflow.

Our work schedule configuration is flexible. You can accurately set the workweek settings both for the whole company and for each individual member: the range of opportunities to properly schedule a workweek is rather wide, and apart from selecting days of the week when your team members should work, you can set the number of working hours for each of them.

Also, it’s possible to determine the preferable workday length for each of the working days. To quickly change the duration of a workday for a particular member, you need to make just a few mouse clicks!

Finally, you can add dates of national or other holidays in your country, and specify whether your staff members are allowed to work on weekends and holidays or not.

With our advanced workweek settings, you can create a perfect work schedule for each of your team members depending on their job type and your business needs.

Any questions left? Please ask and sign up for a free trial with us!

– soylakate



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