Xiaomi to Enhance its Display Technology with the New Partnership

It is to be noted that previously this week Tianma Microelectronics announced at the Wuhan Tianma G6 Industrial Base that the company joined hands with Xiaomi Corporation. The new partnership deal between the two companies will focus on studying and developing new display technologies for the devices. Both companies have agreed to a joint laboratory where all the research work on developing display technologies will take place.

The Reason Behind the Joint Lab

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has significant available resources in consumer electronics products which will be combined with Tianma Microelectronics innovative platform working on display technologies to feature a series of independent labs at this new facility. The new facility will work towards researching, studying and developing new display technologies along with studying and researching equipment and materials related to these technologies.

Executive Vice President of Tianma Microelectronics, Cheng Wei has said in a statement that the new joint lab will enable the company to gain access to the industry chain ranging from the market to terminals, and even parts manufacturers as well. This would mean that the focus of the new facility will be on improving its research and development capabilities by working directly with upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. More descriptive aim of the facility will be developing new slim, lightweight, portable, and energy-efficient display panel technology and figuring out ways in which it can be mass-produced for the commercial market.

It is to be noted that both Xiaomi Corporation and Tianma Microelectronics have and business relationships in the past as well. The latter has been continuously providing display technology to the Chinese manufacturer for its devices including smartphones and wearable techs. So put in simpler words, the new facility under this partnership will speed up the process of introducing new display technologies to the global market. Thus, it is no shocking news that the companies have decided to partner up to create new technologies one of which – the flexible OLED panels are already scheduled to arrive soon.


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