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Hi everyone!

@adlerfaulkner has been wanting to build this for a while and we’re very excited to share it with you. It is an open source framework for selecting links on the web without the use of a mouse. We’ve optimized it for Gmail and a few other sites, but ideally the community (aka you!) adapts it to work on whichever websites you need.

Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think!

@andresegut & @adlerfaulkner


How to use YipYip!

1️⃣ YipYip is an always-on search & keyboard navigation assistant that turns Gmail (and any other website) into a keyboard-first product.

2️⃣ Just type to search.

3️⃣ YipYip highlights any buttons or links in the page matching your search.

4️⃣ Press Tab to jump through the matches.

5️⃣ Press Enter to select the current match.

Voila! 🎉


YipYip is open source!

🤖 Contribute on GitHub:
➡️ Help improve how YipYip works on Product Hunt:…
➡️ Help us to improve web accessibility with YipYip:…
🥸 Contribute as a non-programmer:…


Inspired by Avatar the last Airbender:

Avatar Aang saved the world from the evil fire lord, but he couldn’t have done it without Appa to help him fly around the world. Let YipYip be your sidekick as you fly through your work

– Andres Gutierrez



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