Zenchi — Manage and work with your knowledge in a different way

Hey Product Hunt 👋

Chris, the creator of Zenchi here.

Developing an app that not only allows you to store and manage your knowledge effectively, but also offers features for working efficiently with knowledge was my goal a year ago.

I am excited to present you Zenchi, my attempt to improve the productivity of many people in the future.


🧠 – Zenchi uses atomic and unique entries, called Neurons, to store your knowledge. With the ability to link neurons to any number of other neurons, you can create your own knowledge network. ( iCloud sync )

🃏 – A quiz based on the “spaced-repitition” learning method uses neurons to help you transfer knowledge to your long-term memory as efficiently as possible.

📖 – In addition, there will be a “smart-blog” feature that allows you to share your knowledge not only in the form of pure text, but to go even deeper with the help of neurons!


Here are some use-cases in which the app might be helpful:

– Students can benefit from reduced active learning time with the help of the quiz and notifications. In addition, neurons backed by sources and notes make it possible to avoid looking up old scripts.

– Companies could use the “Smart-Blogs” for onboarding new employees by enrich them with “neuron-packages” that contain information about the company and its employees.

– People who have Alzheimer’s disease can use Zenchi to remember family members they no longer know. Especially linking notes can help here, e.g. to show the corresponding relationships.


Since I can currently only work on the app in my spare time, it is still only available for iOS. Other platform support is also planned for the future.

Here you can find a FAQ with some more details:…

I look forward to your feedback and will be happy to answer your questions 🙂

– Christoph Bodynek



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